Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Out & VOTE! [drink beer @ OOOBS tonight]

Tonight, (Friday 10/30) OOBS is having a little mixer to get out the vote for Mike Wendorf. Who is Mike Wendorf you ask? He is running for Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. The election for the board is this Tuesday Nov. 3rd. Mike is a cyclist among his many talents. Please come by the OOOBS between 6pm and 9pm TONITE for information about our park board and to meet Mike. Special malted beverage will be on hand. That's good beer. The Park Watch blogger did a good interview with Mike. Get the word out to other cyclist's and don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The "New & Improved!" CRC tshirt has arrived.

Schneider from Stroker Ace Screenprinting showed up last night with the new CRC shirt, hot off the presses. Available now, $20 + $5 shipping. S-XL. Hurry up.

We immediately absconded to the Warehouse District's only Bicycle Studio where it joined some good company. (Note the 'Heathen Haw' shirt. A veritable likeness of you, or someone you know.)

Then we commenced with some arduous product testing of Stevil Kinevil's latest beer can sweaters...

the blurriness of this photo is/was rather accurate...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crunk Cross Crazy Stallion vs. Wirth Its Weight In Gold....

Check out this vintage Gary Fisher, and do note the brake lever placement + u-brake. Very crunk. Saturday night saw the inaugural running of Kelly Bollox' CRUNK CROSS. Sort of a pseudo urban cross race/alley cat, CCX started us up a bombed out railroad corridor, with sand, mud, tracks, broken glass and concrete. Once to the Camden boat launch, it was a Northside assault on such fine establishments as the T-Shoppe, Tootie's, Halek's, with on stop at Kelly's crib before running back to One On One and the finish line.

I "won" the event by being first across the line, but Bobby here won the "drunk" class, and was rewarded a bottle of Crazy Stallion for his efforts.

Sunday we moved on to the Wirth CX Cup for some real racing action. Bare-Ass Beach stair run up was brutal. So was the bonfire crowd, waving flags, handing out one dollar bill$, and general tomfoolery.

CRC West, Inc. photos are HERE

Monday, October 05, 2009

Cross That Off The List...

Saturday I went to the Hudson CX Race w/Mac, & The Hendersons. Good times were had by all, and there are pictures to prove it...

The course was a mix of some tech dirt, sandy power sections, sandy running sections, and a water crossing.

The Goodrich Team looked good; Scott E. Rob had some tubular issues.

EZ E. Taylor took commanding lines thru all the slop and looked strong like ox!

The peanut gallery tried to offer me a beer just past the h2o crossing, but having just been passed lapped by eventual race winner, Paul McKinney, I tried to hang on his wheel for a lap. Didn't happen... I had a good time, though, and am stoked for more racing this weekend. CCMPLS will prove to be an interesting affair, while Sunday, the Wirth Classic Cup bring cx back to the city limits.

The drive home saw some interesting rides: