Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Hötte Shit

These bad-ass, limited edition hats have been flying off the wall. Thanks to Holly @ GROVECRAFT RECYCLED STYLE for the awesome work, (complete w/custom CRC screen.) The hats are made from summer-weight Pendleton wool scraps, and are most boss. In store sales only, unless you ask nicely/beg/bribe/cajole. Sizes are limited. $30.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Chance For Bromance...

Hey Foxes, if you wanted in on the Nü CRC Team jersey, here's your last chance. We have the following in stock:

S: 2

Cost is $70, and what the hell, we'll throw in FREE SHIPPING, or you can pay in store and walk away the sharpest dressed player in the pelican. As always, it's advisable to email us for availability. As stated, stock is low, and once these are gone, they're gone. Don't delay, ACT TODAY!


Monday, June 01, 2009

Hurl with 120 bottles of Stella Artois

Thanks for the lead-out back from MGM, Mark. Those Burley trailers handle better when loaded, anyway....Big thanks to the Rapha knuckleheads for stopping by during their Continental Tour, for a "day off" ride. We barged out 60+ miles on this route." The bier in the photo is for the post-ride refuel at the Cykel Garage. Didn't quite take it all down, so stay tuned for more CRC Cykel Garage hi-jinx, as the notorious Diamond Simon Shamrock is slated to arrive on Saturday....

#1 Much, but not all of the Stella has been consumed, for as we all know, Tuesday is the new Friday. But never fear, the crack staff at One On One Bicycle Studio has agreed to supply all the libations necessary to make all of your road riding dreams come true....even though B-Rad, B-Power, and B-urns all knew about the Rapha ride but chose not to show up. And ol' 5-Series? I haven't seen him on a road bike since the '93 Norwest Cup....

#2 Gramo broke his leg Friday night while riding home from the local tavern. Pedal strike. Get well soon, O.G.Factory Pilot