Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Screw that. At CRC, the entire month is BLACK DECEMBER. Save 20% on any and all parts & accessories in stock. Remaining Chrome Bags & Bern Helmets are 1/2 off. What more could you ask for?

OK, how about the nĂ¼ CRC canvas musette bags, from our pals at Banjo Bros. $12

"People Talk About My Drinkin'...But Never My Thirst" sox. OSFM (one size fits donnie most...) $15

The Team CRC shirt. S-XL $20


Operators are standing by: 612.822.4130 or hurl[at]

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Jay Dub said...

looking for a link to your store. am I missing it? specifically for this part "Remaining Chrome Bags & Bern Helmets are 1/2 off." Do want to see the chrome bag?