Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July is National Stolen Bike Month...

Goddammit, Motherfuckers need beat! Local rad rocker Jason Brandt had his one-off Eric Noren-built Specter jacked from his garage last night. Read on:

Would you guys help me get the word out???
My Specter 29er was lifted from my garage last night. Help me get it back and I'll give you something nice for your assistance...

Flat Black 29er Frame and Fork; Gray Specter graphic painted on downtube

Has a stainless coffin for the brake bridge and the seattube has a big stainless plate on the back where it's been cutout. There is not another one of these frames around, it's the only one...

Black King h-set
Hope brakes with goodridge lines, front caliper is black and rear is silver.
Hope Front hub on Salsa rim and salsa QR, surly hub on salsa rim in rear bolt on.
Race Face Deus SS Cranks blk, x type
silver shimano clipless pedals
Surly Torsion Bar on salsa cro moto stem
rouge lock on grips...
niterider light mount on bars.
knog taillight on seatpost
axiom saddlebag
trail a bike hitch on seatpost too...

PLEASE help me get my cherry back! If you see it, call me and I'll come a runnin with my tommy gun and brass knuckles.

612-741-7468. or 311 to get connected to the police.

Thanks very much.


Of note: The a**hole that did this also removed my daughters training wheels and took them also... I just don't get that...

peace out.

Hendrix' Bike Recovered!

Good on MATT DUFFIN for finding Hendrix' bike not two blocks from where it was stolen. The bike has been returned, but will need some work as the young punks who gaffled it seemed to have joyrode the hell out of it. Meanwhile, 4130 frontman J. Brandt has had his black Spectre 29'er stolen. No details yet, but this shit is getting to be epidemic proportions... Lock that shit up, people!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kill, yes I said KILL, all Fucking Bike Thieves

I'm getting tired of hearing about this crap. Here's a young man, with a brain injury, who's still independent enough to ride around his neighborhood on a 3-wheeler. Some parasite thinks it's ok to steal it. If you see this bike, call the cops, let us know, and beat the perp with a baseball bat...

From the owner's Mother:here is a front view of the 3-wheeler that Hendrix used to ride all the time. It sits up higher than the chopper one that we have that needs repairs and was much more comfortable for his size. It was stolen from the stop sign on 34th and Pleasant Ave So. (Minneapolis) The bike is red, made by RETRIKE, has a small black pouch on the back seat and two plastic tubs were recently bolted to the back for carrying stuff. There is a hand brake on the left side and I believe it has 5 gears.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Stolen Cross-Check

From Craig's List. Please be on the lookout, and keep an eye on your bikes!

*!* STOLEN *!* Red Surly Cross Check, Yellow tape and fenders - $100 (NE Minneapolis)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-07-15, 10:18AM CDT

Someone busted into my garage this morning. Now my main mode of transportation has been lifted, what a drag!

It's hard to miss, custom drop bars that flare out at the bottom (sort of a mix of mustache and drop) in YELLOW tape. YELLOW fenders, black rear rack, single speed, RED frame.

It's registered with the police and I have the original purchase paperwork.

I love this bike, I've taken cross country, had it for years, and tweaked to fun commuting beauty. I'm offering a $100 reward for a safe return.


Monday, July 07, 2008

BFF-Bicycle Film Festival: Minneapolis

All sorts of hot shit happening this weekend in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival.

Sven is throwing down a sweet Scavenger Hunt Ride on Saturday.

With after parties Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights. Check it out.