Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cut Off Their Fucking Hands!-EDIT-BIKE RECOVERED!

God, I FUCKING HATE BIKE THIEVES, especially thieves of my friends bikes, bikes that I have helped build, and watched friends enjoy riding. If you see anyone other than Erika riding this chrome Bianchi S.a.S.S., knock them to the fucking ground and put a boot to their throat.

Just this week Erika alerted us that she has recovered her Bianchi S.a.S.S. from the Minneapolis Property Crimes Recovery Unit. F'n awesome, I say!

Monday, April 07, 2008

We're Living in a Mad World

The ARTCRANK! 2008 opening was a smash, as a rumoured 800+ freaks and geeks slammed into One On One for a full-fledged sardine sauna of screen printed velo collusion. Thankfully, no one (read: me) went face dowwwn due to excessive drink, (though I know there was excessive drink.) Madison pedal pirates descended like scurvy knaves on the scene. Here, D-Pow herd 3 Rollo's into shape.

Chequamegon King delivers Cetma-powered pink glove radness.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Want To Be A Part of It...

There truly is no place like New York City on this planet. Here's a glimpse of what we saw on a recent excursion to the Big Apple.

The famous Coffee Bar neon sign is a classic landmark near Union Square.

NYC Velo in the East Village is cool shop with great service and, if you ask nicely, they'll turn you on to some of the best mexican food in town, right around the corner.

Dave's Quality Meat. This place on East Third is fantastic. Highly sought after kicks, and skateboards + fixed gears. Asa & Massan were super cool and friendly and both want to ride in the Stupor Bowl next year, aint' that right?

The display case at DQM is an old meat cooler. Boss.

A sad reminder in Parkslope, Brooklyn. R.I.P.

Kim & Darlene of Gorilla Coffee rode Vespa scooters from Brooklyn to Minneapolis last year. How cool is that? Their coffee is roasted on site, and it is excellent.

King Kog, how I miss thee...I really tried to get in to King Kog. Their posted hours are 12-7. I made my way down to Marcy Avenue a bit early on Friday, so I walked around the neighborhood, had a cup of tea, and returned a little after 12 to a still locked-down storefront. No problem, I thought, I know what retail is like. Another lap around the area, returning at 12:25 and still no King Kog. Damn. Left a CRC sticker on the window to let 'em know I was there. Maybe next time.

Finally, are the rumours true?!?!?