Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lamont, I'm Having the Big One...

Sir Jon Fleck, Esq. dropped by the Cykel Garage today with his newly assembled Surly Big Dummy. Damn, those things are cool, and it's just a matter of weeks before the 20" size arrives. And by 20" size I really mean "my" size. Ahem. But I digress. [edit: 20"s just arrived in stock at Qube Farm. Mine is ordered and will be picked up manana; woo-hoo!] This is Fleck's first foray into the longbike. He says he digs it, but that it took a boatload of Framesaver to coat those tubes. I believe him.

"Grady, pass me some more ripple..."

The pink Chris King headset is a nice touch, and adds a bit of color to the behemoth. "It's such a dark bike," sez Fleck. Is he talking about its soul?

A man and his machine.


One Eyed z said...

The next rig on my list is the Big Dummy.

Tarik Saleh said...

Hot Damn!

I am on the way to the LBS to pick up mine today. I am pretty sure I won't have it assembled for a couple of weeks though. Sweet!

Tarik Saleh said...

got it, here are pics of mine if you want a better idea of braze ons and color scheme, etc:
Really impressive hunkabike.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Impressive. I too am waiting on a 20"

mark said...

Just imagine clicking on this site and seeing Fleck in a Carhartt onezie and neon yellow vest!

It seems "X" marks the spot for Big Dummy parking in these here parts - for now at least.

Pinchie said...

OKay, so no disrespect to John, CRC, or-- godforbidit -- SUrly. But!

Why drive an El Camino when you could drive an F-150?

(Me, I'm a big fan of the standard Burley trailer.)

CoalesceKid said...

that big dummy is butter....the pink chris king is the best part, as my campstove green karate monkey has a pink one as well...respect.