Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nu Tshirts

Back by popular demand, courtesy of STROKER ACE, the Greg Higgins-designed, "Slip it [coff]in" shirt. With apologies to Raymond Pettibon... American Apparel, S-XL $20.

Asphalt gray w/columbia blue logo. American Apparel, Girl-cut. Sizes S-XL (fitted) $20.

Stainless Steel Gray w/3-color iconic "Petropolis" logo. American Apparel, S, or XL. $20. [medium & large currently sold out]

Navy blue w/red ink. Sweet steering wheel-bike rider. American Apparel. S, L, XL. [mediums currently sold out] $20.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

the Spot is back

This custom Spot 29'er is back in the shop on consignment. Check it out. Nicest 29'er around!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Minneapolis Park Board Want you to PAY to ride trails at Theo Wirth

Some disturbing info just in from Gentle Stove:

"The Mpls Park & Rec approved their 2008 budget last night, which included an addition of a yearly fee for anyone who rides off-road at Theo Wirth. The fee will benefit the Park & Rec Board, rather than MORC, which maintains the trails. Just thought I'd pass the word on. There will be a meeting on December 11th at 5:05 in which the public can speak out on the budget's contents.

The budget's final approval takes place December 12th.

More info on