Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Black Hills are Black like my heart...

Some of you may have heard that I recently went on a little riding junket to the Black Hills with some members of BikeMagazine, and various industry miscreants. What's below is a few photos from said junket, with more to come. (w/mea culpas to Burnsie and Tea Bag Dale...fuckin' blog-whores...)

Chopper had some chainring woes on day one.

Kid Riemer maxin' and relaxin' after day one.

Fruitard Troy tellin' lies...

Troy payin' for said lies.

Former Mpls. Mafia dunce Luby, throwin' blue-fork love at some Black Hills singletrack.


Linden said...

Rock it!


verlaine said...

Sweet. I'm hoping to go biking the Badlands this summer or fall.