Friday, January 26, 2007

SSWC 2007-Aviemore, Scotland, 2, September, 2007

Dr. Jon over in Scotland has just announced the date for Single Speed World Championship 2007:

"set yer sails for aviemore scotland for 2nd sept 07
glasgow or edinburgh intl airports or internal flights to inverness or rail or road.
lets get ready to rumble..."

Well yer' fuckin' right, I'll be going. You should, too. Start making plans. Save some coin, sell a pair of RaceFace Turbines on Ebay or something. Maybe get rid of one of your nine single speeds, I don't know. Ray, do you have a passport?!?!?


Stew said...

fuckin right! my bags are already packed.

Lunatic Biker said...

The passport is no problem. I'm the Jason Bourne of the single-speed set.

P.I.A. One Speed Freak said...

Makin' plans already. My real concern, is running in to you on my side of the pond... yet again. Damn!

head floor sweeper said...

i'm going just for the Haggis.

Dan Lees said...

See y'all there!