Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Get Bent-Prince Matchobelli

I got this cool old road bike last fall. The headbadge reads 'Bicycle Prince Deluxe.' Built it up. It rode funny. Had the fork straightened. Still rode funny.

Figured the frame was bent so I took it to the Garage Mahal and had Reed Von Benderstein hook it up to the FRS-1 (Boogie Down Productions.)

Reed is a superstar and probably the best mechanic (and wheel monkey) this side of well, shit, he's better than Jeebus! Thanks Reed!


Tarik Saleh said...


I had a big yellow "prince racer" set up as a fixie for fruitvale bart duty back in mid late ninties. Arc bars with yeller grips finished it off nicely. All that remains is the headbadge and the arc bars, I think the rest of the bike got donated to the local chopper punks when I sailed for the fair shores of emeryville.

mal said...

I do love the older braze and lug construction. I realize it is not as efficent as todays welded frames, but I think they are more elegant

cockleburr said...

Did you do the fork job? Geez you think you would have noticed the bent frame. Those nicer older braze and lugged frames are always bent. Been hitting the bottle there have ya? I heard Reed is off the Summit and on the Bud too.