Monday, May 29, 2006

I do drive truck...

I FINALLY got some rides in this weekend, just in time for the 90°+ degree days. Sunday I closed the shop early as there was a dearth of action in this town. Coleman & I got out for nearly 3 hours. Started from the shop, headed south on Bryant. In the distance I saw a large inflatable castle –one of those Moonwalk things for kids– in someone's yard. Could it be? Yes, it could . Bootsy Collins holding a 4th birthday party for his boy William Thomas. He offered cold PBR's; how could we resist? A great way to start a ride! Beers slammed, bid the Collins' adieu, we rode down the Parkway, over to St. P on the Lilydale/Hwy 13 route (saw Jim from The Modern Cafe), back up the River Road on StP-side, over Lake Street Bridge, back down River Road Mpls-side, to the backyard tavern at 42nd & Wentworth. It was hot, but I surprisingly didn't bonk. Nice.

Monday, another hotter than hell forecast. Brauer was a no-show (Bleriot?) so the Wrexican and I rode out to Watertown on the Luce Line trail. This was a shakedown ride on the "new" Osell touring rig, which I will be riding to Bismarck for my 20th High School reunion at the end of June. It took me nearly 4 hours to get the brakes dialed in on Sunday night, trying 3 different pair of cantilevers before finally getting the old school XT M-732 cantis to work. It had a lot to do with the angle of the brake cable exiting the levers, and the fact that this old bike (1989) only has one spring hole for the brakes rather than the more common 3-hole. The newer XT cantis that came on the bike just didn't have enough spring tension. So anyway, the bike worked flawlessly today, rides real smooth and all. But me? I was having problems due to the heat, and perhaps ganged on top of yesterday's 3-hour ride. I had packed some sandwiches and when we rolled into Watertown around 1:30, we stopped for Gatorade & Coke and had ourselves a straight up trail-side picnic. Pointed the rides back towards the city, and shortly after, I had to stop and rest in the shade. Wrexican was stalwart as usual, making sure I didn't ride into any ravines and waited up when I was lagging. We finally made it back to the trailhead and made a bee-line for Medicine Lake. Rode ride up the water's edge and just sat up to our necks in water for about 20 minutes. What a lifesaver. The only downer was watching the Jet-skis and ski boats whizzing around such a small lake. After sufficient cooling, we got back on the bikes and rode down Glenwood Ave, making a stop at the American Legion club. The locals were in full effect. "Don't worry, they won't get stolen," a gent tells us as we roll up to the patio. "That looks too much like work!" Indeed. In for one and out again before ending the ride where we started. Cuppa Java for sandwiches and Sprecher Root Beer. I am smoked, but stoked to have gotten in back-to-back rides. First time that's happened in awhile...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Off with their heads!


as you can see, I took the Maglia Rosa at yesterday's StrongArm Marketing Bike Swap. Some unlucky chick got her head lopped off due the velocity of my bicycle. Lots of hangovers & bruises reported this morning from the peloton. Kelly Mac cracked a rib, too. Flameburger reportedly got "clothes-lined" on the ride home. More pics soon...Here they are:

Girl, you'll be a woman, soon...

Flameburger, Parts Washer, & Deep check Lucky's ride, yo!

Zitox heading for the pave!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bike Swap Sunday, May 21

Nothin' but LOVE up in this piece. Must be lot's of time to hate when you're behind the wheel driving over Vail pass. Anyway, never mind that the Godfather is a bit disorganized. The 8th (?) Annual StrongArm Marketing Bike Swap will be held in the alley behind One On One this Sunday, the 21st.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Zito's CRC-to-QBP time trial

Zito had the wild f'n idea for me to open at 6:30 am, rather than the usual 7:00 for his inaugural CRC-to-QBP Time Trial. The morning dawned soggy, but I got to work on time and soon the ne'er-do-wells were showing up. Hell, Chef-Dogg was waiting at the door...

Matt Anderson brought timing equipment. And the team car...

Sov brought his game face. Stay tuned for updates.

Preliminary reports have Smokin' Joe Meiser as the victor.
Joe Meiser 34:26.33
Brauer Power 36:42:88
John Fleck 39:59:78
Tatara 40:10:83
Zitox 43:08:32
Luby 45:02:13
Sovern 45:34:13
Blake 48:42:88
Cisco 49:38:29
Chef 50:18:08
Kate 1:06:11

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rubba Soul

Back in the day we used to ride trails located southwest of Mandan on a piece of property simply known as "the World." As in, "do you want to go ride around the World?" We'd load up the bikes into the yellow Dakota Cyclery VW bus, or on top of Klemer's Jeep Cherokee, throw a cooler full of Coor's beer in the back, and go have a ride. Afterward, there'd be the obligatory boolshit session about who got jacked on the Ho Chi Minh trail, how many rattlesnakes we bunnyhopped, and why XT was better than XC Pro... After about 9 beers one evening I snapped this photo of Klemer, Loren, and myself. Loren dubbed ii "rubba soul" perhaps due to it's wavy-gravy appearance, or maybe Klemer's muffintop.

I've never forgot the moment, nor the photo. [It ranks up there with the shot of Loren & I in the back of the yellow bus, Loren with notable collarbone trauma, me with blue bandana and hair that resembles a young Waylon Jennings. Ask to see it next time you're at the DC trailer in Medora.] What it all boils down to is that bicycles –and by definition, Loren– have always been the one constant in my life, the constant reminder of good times, good trails, and good friends. I am elated to hear that you are making progress, my friend. Keep on keepin' on.

For updates on Loren Morlock's condition, please click

help Loren heal

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

another weird vintage bike

Check out this crazy ride from the late '80's. It's in pretty rough shape, but the uniqueness of it made me buy it. All this talk about "69'er's" (29" front wheel w/26" rear) is nothing new. Cannondale was doing this 24"/26" thing in the late 80's with the idea that the smaller 24" rear wheel would give better acceleration and handling in the tight east coast singletrack. I think Pintz Guzzled has a pink one of these that he uses to haul his kegs around. Seems like a valid use for such a weird bike. Come check it out if you're in the neighborhood.