Friday, May 12, 2006

Zito's CRC-to-QBP time trial

Zito had the wild f'n idea for me to open at 6:30 am, rather than the usual 7:00 for his inaugural CRC-to-QBP Time Trial. The morning dawned soggy, but I got to work on time and soon the ne'er-do-wells were showing up. Hell, Chef-Dogg was waiting at the door...

Matt Anderson brought timing equipment. And the team car...

Sov brought his game face. Stay tuned for updates.

Preliminary reports have Smokin' Joe Meiser as the victor.
Joe Meiser 34:26.33
Brauer Power 36:42:88
John Fleck 39:59:78
Tatara 40:10:83
Zitox 43:08:32
Luby 45:02:13
Sovern 45:34:13
Blake 48:42:88
Cisco 49:38:29
Chef 50:18:08
Kate 1:06:11

1 comment:

scott showen said...

how far of a trip was it ?