Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Flava Flav on the hype tip

Well shit, goddamn. It's about time that something was *devoted* to this CRC Coffee Bar/Cykel Garage thing (and the 'cykel' is homage to them damn Scandihoovians who spell it like that). I want it to be known that I appreciate all of the support and kind words that have been volleyed in my direction. The St. Paul Pioneer Press dropped some nice ink on Sunday. Also, remember that we're not only selling coffee, soup, and Pop-Tarts, we're also selling used bicycles (think single speeds, urban fixies, commuter hacks, etc.), tubes, locks, blinky lights, and more. And we've got one hell of a 'zine library for you to check out while on the spot. Spring is just round yonder corner and once it warms up we will indeed open the garage door and offer you some sweet sidewalk seating. Until then, drop the mouse and get on your bike. You'd be amazed at how quiet and serene the city streets are at 6:30 am. Now that the sun is rising earlier, it's even better.


marko467 said...

dude. yes, i'm reading your diary again. the question is, are you going to take the time to keep it current. nothing worse then those infrequent bloggers. cantstanz'em. is it true you are working all those hours by yourself? there must be another hurl everstone that runs a coffee shop called crc and sells merch. with coffin logos. i think they are refering to cars r caskets coffee shop
go pack!

veda said...

random question.
i was in the neighborhood leaving for work at around 8:30am and wanted to stop for coffee. from across the street, it seemed as if the coffee shop was closed. how early does it open?